Pay your bills...

On demand!

Select your unpaid bills, pay them with a Beans funder, then pay later when it better suits you.*

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Managing Payments

Being chased for multiple payments can put a strain on your resources. 

Cash flow

Income may not match outgoings, making you late to pay and have to use cash-flow alternatives to bridge the gap.

 Losing Trust

Making people wait can cost you in trust and reputation.

Remedying pains...

Pay Bills On Demand!

Protect your relationships

Protect your Supplier and Contractor Relationships by empowering them to be paid on time or even early, every time, with no impact on your cash flow.

Take control

Take Control of your payables, pay out instantly and choose when to settle with us. 

Offer Instant Payment Terms

Offer instant payment instead of 30+ day net payment terms.


*Beans Platform Ltd is the technology platform that manages the invoice life cycle, from verification to collection. Beans do not handle any of your funds. Our service partners provide the funding for the invoices and receive payment directly from the company who owes the invoice. 

The fee varies depending on the payment due date. There is a 3.5% fee for a standard 30 day invoice, 5% for 60 days, and 6.5% for a 90 day invoice.