How It Works

We know the way that you might process employee expenses has its own nuances, but this should give you an idea of how we can plug into your system seamlessly.

Xero example


Employee submits an expense

When an employee has an expense to claim, they submit their expense with receipt proof. This could be done using your company's chosen expense software, such as Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Concur or any other kind.


Xero Mobile UI


Manager Approves Expense

Once the expense is submitted by the employee, the company manager or administrator approves or declines the expense.


Manager/admin clicks approve


Beans pay expense instantly!

Once the manager hits approve, Beans gets the information from Xero's API and makes payment available to the employee.


Beans  Receive "AUTHORISED" payments via API

If the employer opts for automatic payment on approved expenses then the employee gets paid automatically.


Else if the employer opts for the employee to come and claim the expense, then, once the Employee hits "Claim" in their Beans account, they get paid instantly. 


Employee claims expense on Beans portal.


Accounts Updated

Once Beans paid the expense, all accounts are updated and reconciled automatically.


Accounts automatically updated as paid.

Invoice to pay = amount paid + subscription fee


Invoice to pay Beans is added with the due date at end of monthly pay cycle. All expenses are collected and invoiced as one single payment.