Changing the way businesses pay their contractor and freelancer workforce.


Businesses are under pressure to reduce their payment terms from contractors.

Invoice advance requests are a common occurrence - 83% of contractor/freelancer workers admit to requesting early payment for their invoice from their employer.*

Paying invoices early has a direct impact on cash flow.

Managing early pay requests is time-consuming and frustrating.


The Issue


What we do

Beans is a new free finance facility for companies that hire a contractor workforce.

Beans pay your contractors their approved invoices at their request, and we allow you to choose your settlement date with us.

No impact on your cash flow

Free of charge

Happy contractor workforce


Beans pay your contractor workforce on your behalf, settling what has been paid on the invoice due date.

We allow businesses an extra 15 days on top of their invoice settlement date to pay Beans.

We give your business better payment terms at no cost to you.


How it works

In Practice






Contractor/Freelancer Uploads their invoice.

Invoice is approved by your company.

Upon approval Beans pay your contractor directly with our own funds.

Beans will collect the invoice from your business on your chosen settlement date.


No cost to your business. The contractor/freelancer pays a transaction fee.

We charge a 3.5% fixed transparent transaction fee to your contractor.

All recourse for the invoice is with your business, there is no late payment fees, no interest.



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