The new invoice payment tool!

Beans invoice payment tool releases funds from your invoices instantly* while allowing your clients to choose the "payment due date" that suits them!

All you need to do is send your invoice through Beans, your client verifies the accuracy and can select their payment due date. Funds will then be released to you by our funding partner(s).



Send your invoice to get verified and "Secured by Beans".


Once verified, Our funding partner(s) pays your invoice straight away*, minus a painless 3.5% fee!**


No credit check.

No subscriptions.

No financial risk to you.

For invoices between £1k and £20k

How it works

Case Study 


Kevin is a creative freelancer who completed some work for The Big Co and is now owed £2,000, but they won't pay him for 30 days because that's their standard payment terms.

Kevin sends the invoice through Beans and requests for The Big Co to "Verify with Beans".

Once The Big Co clicked and confirmed the accuracy of the invoice, the money from the invoice is released to Kevin straight away,


When it's time for The Big Co to pay, they pay into Beans' funding partner's bank account.


Kevin is freed from waiting and there's no extra burden on The Big Co who hired him.

The Big Co has the added benefit of extending the payment terms if they so wish.

If you'd like to learn more, contact us here

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*Beans is the technology that manages the invoice life cycle, from verification to collection. Beans do not handle any funds. Our funding partners provide the funding for the invoices and receive payment directly from the company who owes the invoice. Sometimes funding is not instant, Beans may have to do verification checks which can take a few working hours.

**The fee varies depending on the payment due date. There is a 3.5% fee for a standard 30 day invoice, 5% for 60 days, and 6.5% for a 90 day invoice.