White label micro-invoice factoring solution

Licence Beans' micro-invoice factoring software on a subscription basis.

If you're in the alternative finance space and would like to enter the micro-factoring market, white-label Beans software and seamlessly verify and fund a high volume of invoices.

Leverage 1,000s of hours of software and product development.

14,000 lines of code.

Managed, monitored and constantly updated software.


Invoice approval software

Automated credit checks

KYC 3rd party integration

Single invoice cover 90% of invoice (optional)


Automated payments and reconciliation

Fully customisable to your brand

Managed software constantly updating 

Your own API so that platforms and Banks can integrate with you.


Invoice approval software

Automated credit checks

KYC 3rd party (Jumio API)

Programmable bank accounts (Telleroo API)

Single invoice cover 90% of invoice (Hokodo)

MongoDB database 


Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server managed, fully scalable and worldwide.

You can offer "Get paid now" to contractors or "Pay Later" options to debtors. 

API integrations built-in


Programmable bank accounts API

Single invoice cover API

Proprietary verification software

Verification mechanism and approval workflows that verify invoices and provides evidence of all parties involved so that you are legally air tight from fraud or collection disputes.

Programmable bank accounts

No need for manual work. Send, receive and reconcile payments automatically with customisable preferences.

Beans is like a "Klarna for invoice payments"



Integrate with Beans

Share your confirmed invoices with Beans securely.

Integrate via our API, or begin manually.


Instant payment

Access Beans' worldwide funder network and pay your freelancers instantly.

Let your freelancers get paid their invoices instantly, while also allowing your hirers to settle up to 90 days.

No liability

No credit liability on the freelancer platform or freelancer.

Forget about late or non payments. Beans' funding network takes the stress of default away so you can get on with growing your platform.

Attract more businesses and increase hirings

by offering flexible payment terms for businesses.

Attract more talent

by paying quicker than other platforms.

Improve the process

by using Beans to credit check hirers, offer them up to 90 days invoice terms, and give them access to a global funding pool to pay their freelancers instantly.

Grow your business

Scale your marketplace by letting freelancers get paid instantly, and allowing hirers to pay when they want!

We built Beans with freelance platforms in mind.
Beans can be "baked" into your payment process. You can give hirers the added option to be invoiced. This gives them the convenience to pay up to 90 days later, while not inconveniencing the freelancer who can get paid out instantly through Beans.

Why offer "Pay Later" to your job posters?


"Hire now, settle later."

Many hirers prefer to not pay now, they prefer to hire now but settle the payment later. Companies, especially large ones, have payment cycles, where their accounts department settle payments before the next cycle begins. Therefore they most likely prefer invoicing as a payment option.


Some of the biggest brands like Burberry, Prada, Universal Records, Suntory, GSK, Burberry etc., all have 60 day payment cycles. So their invoice payment terms are typically  around 60 days so it catches the end of the next payment cycle. The hiring managers for these brands may struggle to make upfront payments because they may not have instant access to their budget.

Freelancers are happier
because they have the same payment speed and security as an upfront funding solution, but with access to to a larger pool of hirers who require payment terms.
Freelancer platforms
are happier because they can create a higher active job volume and improve the experience for both the freelancer and the hirer.
Job posters
are happier because they don't have to wait for budget to start hiring.

we're versatile...

We understand your platform might have its own nuances,  we can provide a  versatile solution that works best for your context. Let's have a chat...