Invoice factoring accessible to everyone!

With Beans you can get paid when you want,

...before your client pays.

Beans handle the in-between stuff.

Everyone's happy.

Fund invoices with Beans.

Just load up an invoice to get started!


1. Invoice shared


2. Invoice approved...

3. Invoice paid!

by Beans Funder, way before the due date!


Become a partner

Integrate your platform with our invoice factoring API to ensure your users get paid when they want.

Invoicing Platforms

Add invoice funding features to your invoicing platform, so that your customers no longer have to wait or worry about getting paid. No liability for you or your users, Beans manage and integrate everything!

Supercharge your freelance marketplace by offering instant payments to your talent, and flexible payment terms for your hirers. Beans manage everything in-between. No credit risk for you or your freelancers. 


Banks with business customers can integrate with our API, so their customers have access to instant invoice funding. 

We're an innovative platform that enables you to get paid rapidly, before your client pays.

BBeaNever be in a stressed state again! Take the hassle of waiting to get paid out of the equation. A Beans Funder provides the funds when you deserve them, which is swift and seamless!

 no more stress

BBeaThere's no risk to you! When you assign your invoice to a Beans Funder and receive the funds, you are not at risk even if the company are late, or even if they never pay.

 no credit checks

Get your invoice approved so you can get paid the funds instantly!

1. Invoice shared

Once the job is done, Georgia shares her invoice to the hirer through Beans, with an "Approval Request" attached.


2. Invoice approved...

Alex who works for "Gloxo Plc" and who owes Georgia the invoice, reviews the accuracy of the invoice and clicks approve.


3. Invoice paid instantly!

by Beans Funder

Once the invoice is approved it is assigned and then paid by a "Beans Funder".


A Beans Funder is a suitable finance company, bank, or lender that funds the invoice through the Beans platform.

Our Beans Funders are the most affordable and we want to provide accessible solution across your favourite platforms, with the very best customer experience along the way.
Affordable, accessible and friendly...
Loved by the UK's most innovative platforms, companies and agencies.

For freelancers


Get paid now

Create an Invoice and get it paid instantly by a Beans funding partner. Just share the invoice with your hirer through Beans, get them to click approve and the invoice is paid to you minus a small transaction fee. Don't worry about repayment! The Beans funder is paid back by your hirer at a later date.


Invoices On Time

(Coming soon) For a small fee you can make sure you are paid at the agreed payment due date.  As long your client passes basic credit check, then you never have to worry about late payment or non-payment ever again.

For hirers


Pay now, settle later!

(Coming soon) With a Beans Funding account, you can pay out your freelancers, suppliers, contractors today and pay back your Beans funder within 90 days.


Spread payments

(Coming Soon) Hire now and pay back in instalments. Spread the cost of your Invoices into 3 Instalments by selecting the dates that suit you, using Direct Debit.

About Beans.

Beans was founded in London, and is one of the most promising FinTech startups in Europe. Beans are revolutionising the way that people get paid their invoices, giving both receiver and payer the opportunity to have the payment terms they desire.

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The brands that hire me generally offer minimum 60 day payment terms. 

I use Beans to get instant access to invoice funds. They make life easy, they're super innovative and friendly!



Fashion make up artist

Member since Feb 2020

Beans is a super simple and easy process. I appreciate that there's no financial risk to me and no credit checks. I'm surprised this service hasn't been made accessible to me before.



UX Designer

Member since Feb 2020

We use Beans to credit check our clients, once approved we take them on as clients and then our Barristers can request the funds before the invoice is due.



Temple Chambers

Head Clerk

Getting started is simple...

Our customer success team are on hand to guide you throughout.

Are you a Freelance platform?

Integrate Beans into your payment options.

Are you business and want to offer Beans to your freelancers and contractors?

*Beans is the technology platform that manages the invoice life cycle, from verification to collection. Beans do not handle any funds. Our funding partners provide the funding for the invoices and receive payment directly from the company who owes the invoice. Sometimes funding is not instant, Beans may have to do verification checks which can take a few working hours.

**The fee that Beans Funding Partners charge varies depending on the payment due date. They charge 3.5% fee for a standard 30-day invoice, 5% for 60 days, and 6.5% for a 90-day invoice.